Iryna Titova

« When we go shopping, we know the colours we usually choose, the colours that suit us, the colours we feel comfortable while wearing. Right? Wrong! least in my case. That's what I realised yesterday at the colour consultation with amazing Florence Lemeer-Wintgens ... It was pure magic from the very first minute... I've never thought that choosing the colour is so tricky and personal)) there is a general concept of a 'winter person', but really slight shades matter. And the main insight: visually others treat you not the way you treat yourself... I had a lot of surprises! I've always been choosing warm and pastel colours.... ups they don't suit me at all. However my colours are cold, bright and deep colours like emerald green, rich violet, bright blue, lemon yellow, which I would never approach before. Now I need to learn how to wear them. That's quite a challenge and I like it! There are people with great energy, who sparcle and inspire and you feel some magic in the air! That's so true about Florence. Thank you so much for this great experience! That was fantastic!! »

Client Service manager, Project Manager, Data Analytics, Communicator and Fundraiser