Terms of use



  • Site: refers to the website www.lookatwork.lu;
  • User: refers to any natural person or legal entity accessing the content of the Site;
  • Editor: refers to Madam Florence LEMEER-WINTGENS.


The general conditions of use of the Site define, on the one hand, the terms and conditions under which the Editor of the Site makes available the information and services accessible on it to its User and, on the other hand, the way in which the User accesses the Site and uses the respective services.

Scope of application

These general conditions are applicable to all information and services offered by means of the Site. Any connection to the Site is subject to the adherence to these general conditions.

Access to the Site

At the occasion of the respective connection, the User is granted by the Site a free user licence in order to use the information available. By accessing the Site, the User accepts the Editor’s general conditions of use.

Access to the Service

The Site is accessible on a 24/7 basis, i.e. on 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, (i) except in the event of a force majeure or other events beyond the control of the Editor and (ii) subject to any necessary maintenance or servicing interventions required for the proper functioning of the service and/or equipment. The present user licence confers to the User a personal access right, reserved for the strictly personal and non-collective use, to the contents of the Site.

Intellectual property

In accordance with the intellectual property provisions, all of the Site’s different elements, such as texts; pictures; logos; comments; and databases, remain the property of their authors and/or respective owners (i) for the entire period of their legal protection and (ii) on a worldwide basis.

The User’s licence only comprises the right to (i) reproduce the consulted works solely for means of storage in the purpose of displaying them on a single screen and (ii) copy or reproduce them for their strictly exclusive private use by the User without an intention to use them collectively.

Also authorized, provided that the author’s name and the source are clearly indicated, are analyses and short quotations that are justified by the critical, controversial, educational, scientific, or information character of the work in which they are incorporated.

Apart from these exceptions, any (even partial) reproduction; representation; dissemination; sale; or exploitation in any form whatsoever, electronic or not, is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of the author or his/her beneficiaries and constitutes as such an act of counterfeit involving respective counterfeiter’s civil and criminal liability.

Graphic charter

The graphic charter of the Site and its composing the elements are the property of the Site’s Editor Site.


The database indexing the different contents of the Site is the property of the Editor. The consultation and the use of the database do under no circumstances lead to the transmission of ownership rights in the database to the User. It is recalled, in accordance with article 67 of the Luxembourg law of 18 April 2001 on copyrights, related laws and databases that "the extraction or re-use of all or part of qualitative or quantitative assessment of the content of a database [without the agreement of the producer] ", as well as “the repeated and systematic extraction or re-use of non-substantial parts of the content of a database which would be contrary to the normal exploitation of that database or which would unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the producer of the database” are prohibited.


The texts accessible on the Site are the property of their respective authors.


The Site may contain hyperlinks that will direct the User to other websites.
Any hyperlinks to the Site are not submitted to the express authorization of the Editor. Nevertheless, the Editor reserves the right to request the deletion of a hyperlink to the Site.

Data protection

The Site’s functioning and the different services offered may lead to the treatment of personal data and particularly the User’s I.P. addresses.
According to the Luxembourg law of 2 August 2002 related to the persons’ protection regarding the data personal treatment, any person has a right of access, amendment, correction, deletion of his or her personal data.
These rights may be exercised either by letter to the Editor’s address, as indicated above, or by e-mail to this following address: Florence@lookatwork.lu

The Editor’s responsability

The information and/or documents appearing on this Site and/or accessible through this Site come from sources considered to be reliable. However, these information and/or documents are prone to contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. The Editor reserves the right to correct them as soon as these errors are brought to his attention.

It is strongly recommended to verify the accuracy and relevance of the information and/or documents made available on this Site.
The information and/or documents available on this Site are subject to change at any time and may have been updated.

In particular, they may have been subject to an update between the time of their download and the moment of their reading by the User.

The use of the information and/or documents available on this Site is under the full and sole responsibility of the User, who assumes all the consequences that may occur, without that the Editor may be held accountable and without any possible recourse against the latter. The Editor may not be held liable for any whatsoever damage arising from the interpretation or use of the information and/or documents available on this Site.

Amendment of the general terms of use

The Editor reserves the possibility to amend the present general terms of use in order to adapt them to the Site’s evolution and/or its exploitation at any moment and without prior notice.

Applicable law

The Site and theses general terms of use are subject to the Luxembourg laws.