Conférence ICDN sur le Personal Branding

Une belle chance et opportunité d'être oratrice lors d'une conférence sur le Personal Branding organisée le 4 avril 2019 par IDCN (International Dual Carreer Network) qui promeut l’intégration des partenaires de salariés venant de l’international et travaillant dans les sociétés fondatrices parmi les plus grands employeurs de la place : Arcelor, Amazon, ESM, BEI, PwC, British Chamber of Commerce qui ont constitue le chapitre luxembourgeois de la communauté IDCN. Lors de cette conférence en anglais j'ai parlé des meilleures façons de se préparer aux entretiens de recrutement . 

IDCN International Dual Career Network

Vinciane Istace : "PwC Luxembourg is pleased to welcome today nearly 120 life partners of mobile employees for a coaching session about your visual impact : either in the real world (your dressing style) or in the digital dimension (your social profile). Our keynote speakers shared their insights:

@Florence Lemeer-Wintgens « You have a maximum of 7 seconds to make a first impression: dress in your size and catch the benefits of colours.They make you memorable and always wear a smile! »

@Luis Salerno « if everything is important than nothing is important - stay focused on 2 or 3 niche topics that represent your interests and passion when communicating content »

Our purpose : facilitate connections and job search for the loved ones of our mobile employees .

7 employers joined forces to make this happen :

@Marlies Eijsbouts-Brouwer@ Pascal Moisy @Loïc Morand @Tanja Ruesch @Thomas Vilshoever @Vinciane Istace @Stefano Pittiglio with the valuable support of volunteers !

Thank you to @Onur Andic the president of volunteers and all the lead persons of Event, Comm, Membership and Measurement teams.

Curious ? Then check the link International Dual Career Network (IDCN) and join Luxembourg chapter !